Mission Statement

To cultivate an environment of not only learning, but building confidence and strength. A place where people can come together and explore arts that our community may not have experienced previously, while keeping an open mind and heart.


A safe space for anyone to come and explore. Ensuring our students are given the best education while staying involved with industry trends, safeguards and the thrill of learning a new skill.


Ophelia Ginelle

To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.

Ginelle’s journey is a testament to her determination and passion for the entertainment industry. From a young age, she immersed herself in the world of modeling and dance, specializing in hip hop while also exploring aerial arts, jazz, and Latin styles. Dance and music have always been her sources of true happiness.

After gaining valuable experience working for various entertainment companies, Ginelle took the leap and established her own business, GO Gurlz Entertainment, at the age of 22. Through her company, she became known as the go-to provider for unique performers in Berks County, earning a reputation for excellence and diversity. While building her business, Ginelle also managed and choreographed for several adult sports dance teams, one of which was recognized as the 2013 AIF Best Dance Team. Additionally, she shared her expertise by teaching in various dance studios throughout the county.

Ginelle’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at entertainment. She successfully climbed the corporate ladder in large organizations while operating her business, showcasing her ability to balance multiple responsibilities. Her dedication to her career and family is evident as she raised her children alongside her adoring husband, Eric.

In 2020, Ginelle’s interest in aerial arts led her to enter this world herself, initially by booking aerialists for her business. However, her newfound hobby quickly turned into an obsession. In 2023, she decided to open Berks County’s first and only pole dance studio, GO Getter Movement Studioz. While the studio primarily focuses on pole dance, it also offers a range of other adult-focused classes and workshops, including lyra, chair, heels, twerk, burlesque, and more.

Ginelle’s personality shines through her free-spirited, open-minded, and driven nature. She is a wild horse, bold by nature, and filled with an abundance of passion. She approaches life with excitement and enthusiasm, always seeking new experiences. Traveling the world is her ultimate goal, and she embraces various hobbies such as dance, attending wine and beer events, gardening, bike riding, water activities, yoga and fitness, as well as indulging in her love for TV shows, movies, and exploring the culinary world as a gourmand. Ginelle’s desire to leave a footprint is a driving force in her life, pushing her to embrace challenges and create a meaningful impact.

Our Team

“Personality shines through her free-spirited, open-minded, and driven nature.”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Ginelle’s desire to leave a footprint is a driving force in her life, pushing her to embrace challenges and create a meaningful impact.